Monday, December 5, 2011

November and December Skincare Favs!!!!..... The Best of Beauty According to Patrice

Hello Beauty Junkies,

Happy New Year's beauty lovers. I hope the new year is starting off  right.  It's that time again..... Beauty favs!!!! I have had an exciting 2 months in skincare and some awesome things to share.

So with out further ado, on to the madness...


Clarsonic Mia in Berry
Dr. Dennis Gross Step 1 & Step 2 Extra Strength Alpha Beta® Peel Treatments 
Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel
Shiseido 1 2 3 Pureness Oil Control Skincare Set

These four amigos have been my skins saving grace. My Clarsonic is the I got it during Sepora's friends and family sale. I use it twice a day,  for one minute on my face and one on my neck and décolletage (yeah, I used a fancy french word). I have been loving my skin.  My clarsonic has a deep pore head that has been working miracles. I have noticed a significant pore reduction, more even skine tone and  alot less acne.

As far as cleansers go, I am always changing cleasers because I do believe that my face get used to one product and it stops being effective. In November,  I had been constantly reaching for the Borsica cleanser. Using it in conjunction with my clarsonic, left my skin feeling super clean and removed makeup well. I did notice a little drying but I could live with it. However, in December, I decided to switched to the Shiseido Oil Control Skincare set. OMG I'm in love! This foaming cleaser cleans without drying and makes your face feel like new. The ph balance toner hydrates your face without the burn of most toners. The mattfiying oil-free mositrizer has a serum like consistancy, and feel great on the face. Now, I have tried alot of 3 step systems, but I am most impressed with this one. They seem to work well together and are super gentle on the face.

The Box

The cleanser, toner and moistrizer...

Now Dr. Dennis Gross Step 1 and Step 2 Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel treatments have been the most impressived with over the past 2 months. This treament claims to be  "especially suited for stubborn skin conditions that have not responded favorably to other anti-aging treatments, this peel diminishes fine lines, reduces pores, and treats breakouts. Regular use can visibly improve dark spots and skin tone."
  An indepent study reports that:

 - 70% of women tested noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- 100% of women tested reported an improvement in skin texture and tone
- 100% of women tested noticed an improvement in skin radiance and glow
- 95% of women reported that they would recommend the products to a friend or family member
- 85% of women tested reported that they were likely to purchase more products from the line

The individual packages

As for my expereience with it, I have been most impressed with the reduction in pore size, treatment of my acne, and the best of all improvement of the dark spots.  I first recerives 5 treatments free with my clasonic. I used one day randomly and notice that my skin look and felt better. I had not read the package properly to see that it was a daily treatment, so I waited a few days and tried it again. I woke up washed my face and saw an improvement. After I used up the treatment I had, I ran to the store and got some more. I have been using them 2-3 times a week since then and my face had never looked better. I can barely see any of the old dark marks that bothered me so much in the past. The are so light that my sheer foundation can cover them. I no longer have to spend so much time blending concealer over the multiple spots all over my face. I now can just hit my under eye area and go. I also enjoy the face that if I have a random breakout, I can just complete a treatment and notice an significant improvement the next morning.




I am super excited with my skin care finds and I hope to have found my HG (holy grail) products for my sensitive, acne-prone, and super oily skin.

Until next time stay beat,


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  1. I am just realizing that my acne prone skin can and is sensitive as well VERY adaptive when it comes to skincare products. I will definitely be incorporating the Clarisonic Mia & Dr. Dennis Gross into my ritual. Thanks!