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MAC Review: MAC Me Over Collection....

Hello Make-up Junkie,

It's your plus sized cutie on duty, Patrice, to bring you another facinating haul/review for MAC's MAC Me Over Collection. I believe once again MAC had brought us a large collection with something for everyone.

I have 4 lipsticks, two eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, and 2 brushes from the collection.  I have another lipstick and lipgloss on my wish/want list. Ok on with the review....

First up is Runaway Red.

I. LOVE. RED. LIPSTICK. I will admit it. I'm not scared. I said it. I am a true lover of red lipstick and this one sure delivers. This deep rich red is very retro and chic. This blue toned red is and great fall color and  can be worn across the color spectrum from fair to deep dark. It is darker that the bright red cousin Russian Red (see this picture here). It is a satin finish with great pigmentation. I'm in love and an instant fav in the collection. I prefer my reds with a brown liner like Cork or wine color like Vino or Currant. Lip gloss suggestions are MAC Venetian or MAC Bold and Brash Dazzleglass 

Next up is Rebel.

This bright berry fuchisa is sure to please. This satin formula lipstick goes on smooth and last for hours. I love that is is semi opaque and a few more swipes can make it truely opaque. I love it. I have nothing bad to saw about it. I would pair it with a brown or bright pink lip liner like Cork or Magenta respectively. For more shine I would add a swipe of MAC Just Add Colour or NYX's Africa Lip Gloss.

Next up is Peachstock....

Now this it the interesting one of the bunch. I pick this on up in the Liberty of London Collection (hence the different packaging) I usually don't do nudes because I so light. But this one, I like. It's another satin finsh. This peachy nude lipstick is opaque and can be a bit tricky to work with.  It's so opaque that it can be overwhelming. I tone it down with a brown lipliner like Cork or Chestnut. For gloss, I lean to Illicit, from the MAC Me Over Collection (shown later) to keep it peachy nude, NYX Golden Pink to get the pinky gold finish, or Revlon's Continuous Coral to play up the orange shade.

Next is Oh, Oh, Oh...

This is a ok color for me. I'm not totally sold on it and I would have returned it but I threw away the packaging. It may grow on me but for now, it's going to sit until I get inspired to play with it and make it work. This lipstick is a lustre finish plum bronze with perlized pigment. It's not impressive in the tube and looks better swatched. I have not been inspired to make it work yet... I'll come back with a better review for this one.

Now on to the lip gloss, Illicit.

This is a great nude lip gloss. I like it because it could be worn alone, with a great lipstick like MAC Peachstock, or could be used to tone down or nutralize another lip gloss.

Eyes are next and I purchased Mythical and Carbonized.

These two make a beautiful smoky eye. When this collection debuted, I make an appointment to have a color consultation with this collection. Then young lady that did my make-up used these two colors and I fell in love. I originaly had question marks next to these two shadows but after the eye look I could not resist. Mythical is described as a frosty coppery red, while Carbonized is a frosty dark brown. The picture shown above is are swatches are shown with and without a base. They are both veluxe pearl finish and a dream to work with. Super creamy and soft textures make these a no brainer.

Lastly from this collection are the 226 and 211 brushes.

First is the 226 brush. It is described as a small tapered blending brush. It is considerably smaller than the 224 and more densely packed and tapered. This truly a great blending brush if you have a smaller crease and crave more detail and control. This has been my go to blending brush since I purchased it.

Last and certainly not least the 211 brush.

Borrowed from Temptalia....

This is a ultra fine pointed liner brush. It is more denser at the base and has a much finer tip than the 209. I haven't used it much. But if you have a pretty good technique, using this brush with gel or cream liner should be a breeze.

Over all I would say that this was a great collection and really help me plug in some of the holes in my collection. I didn't have many lipsticks to begin with and now I feel like I have plenty of each family. My only regets for this collection are not getting the dark lipsticks Prince Noir and Smoked Purple. I liked them but wasn't sure it would work with my skin tone.

Ok... That is all for now. Comming up next is Hauls and September favs.

If you have any request for product reviews or suggestion for blogs or content... leave the comments below....
Until then stay beat, 


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