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Magnolia Makeup Spring and Summer Collection: Big Easy and Indian Summers

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Welcome back! I have have been keeping busy traveling to IMATS and The Makeup Show and I have tons of stuff to share with you over the next couple weeks.

Today I will be sharing my Magnolia Makeup Haul from the Makeup Show. I was super excited to see Tia and Niala manning the booth. Another reason I was excited to see them is because I knew that they had the new summer collection with them. I bought the 2 latest collections and I have one more I'm interested in (Neutral Ground 2).  So without further ado, on to the swatches.

Indian Summer Collection

The 2012 summer collection is chocked full of shimmery goodness. There are no mattes in this collection. Just unadulterated shimmer and shine. All of the swatches are done with no base or primer.

Big Chief is a beautiful mid tone blue base with light blue shimmer.

Brass Band is a copper based pigment with champagne shimmer.

Second Line is a deep purple base with lilac pink shimmer.

Le Bon Temps (love the name! I suspect this is an ode to True Blood) is a emerald green base with a light gold shimmer.

Buck Jump is a duo chrome pigment that combines light pink and light purple sheen. It is an awesome color that I can't wait to play with!

Plumes is a light green color with a light gold sheen.

Funky Liza is my top pick for the collection. This is a light gold beige duo chrome with a green sheen. OMG the picture does not do it justice.

Big Easy Collection

This spring collection had a mixture of 4 mattes and 3 shimmers. I love the bold deep colors in this collection.
The namesake of the collection (Big Easy) is a pink and copper shimmers.

Ponchatoula is a deep fuchsia matte pink shade.

Sassafras is a grass green base with true gold shimmers. Creole Mustard is a deep rich true mustard yellow color. This is an interesting color and I can't wait to incorporate it into my collection.


Bywater is a very nice periwinkle color with a pearl sheen. My favorite of the collection.

Regal is a deep blue based purple.

Tchoupitoulas is a deep green-blue color. This would be a great alternative to the using black to deepen the crease.

As you can see, Tia and Niala outdid themselves with these two collections. I have never been disappointed in a Magnolia pigment and I truly feel I never will. To get this type of pigmentation without the use of a base is almost on heard of. Some of the big name major brands can compare to this independent company's work. It is unbelievable. I stan for Magnolia Makeup and I'm not ashamed!

If you are interested in purchasing these awesome pigments, go to  or check out there FB

For more on my haul of Makeup Show goodies check the video below.

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